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Visibility for C++ - Create Windows GUI's without using any UI code

Visibility for C++ is a revolutionary new product for creating user interfaces. It enables object systems written in C++ to be visualized and interacted with via a state of the art GUI on the Windows platform and it accomplishes this without requiring any UI code to be written, generated or otherwise created. User Intefaces that would normally take weeks or even months to create, can be created in no time at all.

Visibility for C++ is the first in a series of products that utilize a new technology called Outerfacing. This new technology embodies a powerful new paradigm for creating User Interfaces for object systems called Object Visualization. This paradigm replaces the Model-View-Controller (MVC) paradigm on which almost all current UI technology is based. By utilizing the inherent structure found in an object system, it eliminates the need for the View and Controller portions of the MVC paradigm and all its attendant code requirements. In their place Object Visualization gives the objects in the object system the inherent ability to be visualized and interacted with directly.

Instead of having to write large amounts of UI code to implement the view and controller as is required with the MVC, Object Visualization places an outer face of UI elements over the object system structure and utilizes the internal state of the objects to control their appearance and behavior. This enables the entire UI for an object system to be created interactively while the program is executing without having to write any code.

Since creating the UI often accounts for over half of the entire programming effort, we firmly believe that this new paradigm is going to revolutionize the way that User Interfaces are developed.

Licensing : Commercial

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