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Portable text editor for DOS, OS/2 and Unix

ZED is a straightforward text editor, with useful extra features for the programmer, plus some text formatting features to make programmer's documentation, email composition etc. simple.

ZED is easy to use for the beginner, but has powerful features to suit the experienced programmer. Beginners can use the pop-down menus and context sensitive help. Those who regularly use Wordstar (TM) will find that most Wordstar commands will also work in ZED. It has full context-sensitive help, and a customisation program which enables you to set individual hotkey combinations to invoke every editor command.

In ZED you can edit up to 5 files at once. There is also a facility to compare two edit buffers, invaluable for programmers controlling multiple versions of their programs. With a 100 level deleted text undo buffer, keystroke recording macros, text formatting commands and programming commands, ZED is ideal for the professional programmer.

ZED will run on IBM (TM) PC/XT/AT or compatibles, running DOS version 2.10 or later, and requires an absolute minimum of 256k memory (more memory is required to edit more than 1 file, or to compile within the editor).

ZED is also available for a variety of Unix flavours, including SCO, IBM RS6000 and DG Avion.

Full C source code is provided, so you can easily use ZED as the basis for a customised personal editor.

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