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Multi-use text file print/format for DOS and OS/2

This is a little program I wrote to print ASCII documents and program listings. It works out sensible pagination for documents and C source files, and it will also print multiple pages side by side in landscape mode on a suitable printer, either consecutively, or in the correct order for centre-stapling to make a booklet.

It is command-line and configuration file driven, so it is suitable for placing in batch files for unattended operation.

As well as tidying up listings of programs and long documents, this program will also enable you to save paper - various configurations allow up to 5 normal 66-line pages to fit on each side of an A4 sheet.

With the configuration files provided, this program can replace both BOOKLET and 8P (two other paper-saving programs).

The program can also understand special character sequences of your choice to set escape sequences to your printer - e.g. bold, underline etc.

Special sequences at the beginning of a line can be used to indicate heading levels.

Program source (in C - it compiles straight away with Zortech C or Microsoft C, and should compile with no problems using any ANSI C compiler) is also supplied.

PAGE is supplied as shareware. The shareware version is complete and fully functional, but is supplied for evaluation only. Registration entitles you to use the program without restriction. Registration costs £10.00. If you require the program on disk, you should add £5.00 for postage and packing. U.K and E.E.C. residents should add 17.5% tax. [£ is supposed to represent the U.K. currency symbol (Pounds Sterling). Some WWW browsers do not show it correctly.]

We accept checks are accepted in U.S. dollars and U.K. pounds (sterling). Checks in other currencies (translated from the U.K. price at the current sterling exchange rate) should have 10% added to cover currency exchange commission.

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