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Compressing backup/restore for OS/2

OBACKUP and ORESTORE were written to provide a means of backing up data from hard disks to floppies which would run as a protected mode application under OS/2. In order to save media costs, the programs compress the data as it is backed up. The algorithm used is dynamic Lempel-Ziv compression, which normally gives compression ratios of between 20% and 60%. To increase the speed of backup, the compression algorithm can be changed to a simple non-repeat packing method, or turned off altogether, using a command-line switch.

OBACKUP makes full use of OS/2 threads, thus enabling it to read data from the hard disk, compress previously read data, and write previously compressed data to floppy at the same time. The read and compression threads still run while the user is changing floppies. HPFS long file names and extended attributes are fully supported.

ORESTORE is the command-line driven restore facility. There are parameters to allow translation of path names, so that directory structures can be restored to different disks and directories. ORESTORE also allows backups to be verified against the hard disk data, giving you peace of mind that the backup can be restored successfully at a later date.

OBACKDIR produces a listing of all the files in a backup set.

OSHOWDIR is a browser for backup directories.

The program supplied is a fully working demonstration, which expires at the end of January 1995.

Version 2 became a full 32-bit OS/2 2.1 application, and introduced improved compression (16-bit instead of 12-bit). It remains a text mode application (so that it may be run outside Presentation Manager), but it will run happily in an OS/2 Window.

Users of earlier versions of OBACKUP should note that version 2 is NOT backward compatible with version 1. Neither program will restore backups made with the other. You should therefore make sure you keep a copy of the old version (under a different name, or in a different directory) so that you can still restore your old backups.

Obackup is provided as a demonstration program, with a registration fee of £50.00. If you require the program on disk, you should add £5.00 for postage and packing. U.K and E.E.C. residents should add 17.5% tax. [£ is supposed to represent the U.K. currency symbol (Pounds Sterling). Some WWW browsers do not show it correctly.]

We accept checks are accepted in U.S. dollars and U.K. pounds (sterling). Checks in other currencies (translated from the U.K. price at the current sterling exchange rate) should have 10% added to cover currency exchange commission.

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If you already have the demonstration version, you are happy to do without the laser printed manual (which contains exactly the same text as OBACKUP.TXT), you have the UUDECODE program, and a Usenet mail address which will accept uuencoded files, I can e-mail you an OBACKUP.REG file which will turn your demonstration program into a fully registered version. There are no post & packing charges for this service (obviously), and there is an additional 10% discount. If you have a credit card, the whole operation can be done via email. (I still need your postal address, as it is encoded into OBACKUP.REG.)

Unlimited site licences and educational bulk discounts available on request. For details contact us.

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