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Long description:
Any after making small changes... egcs SGI CC
Any standard C++ compiler EMX SGI NCC
Any Unix C++ compiler GCC Sparcworks
Apogee CC Glockenspiel C++ Sun CC
Borland C++ HP C++ SUN Forte
Cbuilder IBM Cset++ Sun Workshop Pro
CenterLine IBM xlC Symantec C++
Cfront Intel C++ Symantec THINK C++
Comeau KAI C++ Visual C++
Compiler independent Lucid Visual C++ .NET
could be compiled, but not tested MetroWerks CodeWarrior Visual C++ 6
CRI C++ (Cray) Microsoft .NET VisualBasic
CygWin MPW C++ Watcom C++
DCC Novell Zortech C++
Dec CC Object Center
Digital Mars RSXNT
Operating systems:
All platforms that support ANSI C++ and PThreads FreeBSD PC 32-bit Windows
AmigaOS FreeBSD, Darwin PC DOS
Any after making small changes... HP 9000 PC Windows
BBNTC2000 HP UX Platform-independent
BeOS hppa1.1-hpux9.05 POSIX
BSD IA64 Windows XP QNX
CM5 IBM AIX rs6000-aix-3.2
Concurrent Maxion 8000/RTU IBM OS/390 SCO Open Desktop
Convex IBM OS390, OS400 SCO Unix 3.2.4
could run on any OS, but not tested Irix Sequent
Cray KSR-1 SGI Irix
Cross platform, should work on any. Linux Silicon Graphics
Dec Alpha LynxOS SINIX
Dec MIPS Ultrix Mac Solaris
Dec OpenVMS Motif Sparc
Dec OSF/1 NCR SVR4 Sun
Dec Tru64 NEC, Fujitsu, Hitachi SYSV
Dec Ultrix NeXT Unisys Unixware
Dec Unix Novell Unix
decstation-ultrix4.2 OS/2 Unixware
DG/UX OSF X Windows
eCos Paragon
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