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FFTPACK++ - C++ version of FFTPACK

FFT_Pack is a C++ wrapper for FFTPACK complex routines using LAPACK++ Matrix and Vector classes. FFTPACK routines were converted to C using f2c and also modified to use double precision complex using -r8 to f2c.

Most of this code was lifted directly from GNU OCTAVE v1.1.0, hence the copyright notice at the top.

The forward FFT takes you to freq domain (ala direction == -1), and backward the other way.

Passing LaVectorComplex/Double or LaGenMatComplex/Double with one dimension set to 1 will implicitly perform 1D FFT on the data.

The members of the FFT_Pack class are declared static, since they really need no private member storage. There are two types of transform routines: ones that return a new complex matrix and the ones that change the matrix in place.

The original FFTPACK does not appear to be available any more, but I found the link below to a different (possibly improved) version.

Licensing : GNU copyleft

Comment from : js on 2015-04-03

Dead link (Apr/2015)

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