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ADAPTIVE Communication Environment (ACE) - C++ IPC wrappers

This release contains contains the source code, documentation, and example test drivers for a number of C++ wrapper libraries and higher- level distributed application frameworks developed as part of the ADAPTIVE project at the University of Calfornia, Irvine.

The C++ wrappers encapsulate many of the user-level BSD and System V Release 4 IPC facilities such as sockets, TLI, select and poll, named pipes and STREAM pipes, the mmap family of memory-mapped file commands, System V IPC (i.e., shared memory, semaphores, message queues), and explicit dynamic linking (e.g., dlopen/dlsym/dlclose) using type-secure, object-oriented interfaces.

The higher-level distributed application frameworks integrate and enhance the lower-level C++ wrappers to support the configuration of concurrent network daemons composed of monolithic and/or stackable services

A relatively complete set of documentation and extensive examples are included in the release. A mailing list is available for discussing bug fixes, enhancements, and porting issues regarding ACE. Please send mail to if you'd like to become part of the mailing list.

Licensing : Not known

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