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Al Stevens has written a book on the subject called `Database programming in C++' or something. An article on the subject was printed in Doctor Dobbs Journal some time ago.

The nice thing is that Stevens also wrote a C++ library adding persistence to C++, and the source is available. The library is called PARODY and compiles under most DOS-based C++ compilers. A slight rewrite of the GUI- routines has to be done to make it compile under GNU C.

Perry Rapp says "The zipped sources in the ftp version include a license statement permitting source redistribution in the exact format of the zip file (ie, unmodified and as original zip file). This is a more liberal policy than the license of the software with the book, which allows no source redistribution at all."

Licensing : Not known

Comment from : Amit on 2013-01-15

i am Working on Parody and i need Library file of this.. but Download Link of this Article is broken.. Please provide valid link..

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