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BDE - Basic Development Environment - a set of foundational C++ libraries used at Bloo

What is BDE?

BDE (BDE Development Environment) is a set of C++ software libraries as well as development tools and methodology. Originally developed at Bloomberg L.P., BDE is intended to form the foundation for large scale C++ software products.

BSL (BDE Standard Library), the lowest level BDE library, provides implementations for portions of the C++ standard library, particularly the container types, as well as a suite of system utilities, meta-functions, and algorithms needed to build such containers.

BDL (BDE Development Library), the second BDE library currently provides concrete allocator implementations. This library is under active development and will eventually contain a collection of tools appropriate for a low-level library and application development.

Goals and Benefits of BDE

BDE aims to provide libraries that meet superior standards in terms of their design, documentation, and testing. Every component (i.e., .h/.cpp file pair) provides thorough component-, class-, and method-level documentation, including a compilable example for using that type. Every component also has a thorough test-driver that tests every public method of that component through a comprehensive range of input (see bslstl_map.t.cpp).

These libraries, along with the tools and methodology that accompany them, are meant to enable developers to create their own C++ software that meets similar standards of quality.

The BDE Standard Library (BSL)

BSL provides a finely factored collection of modules (or components) that form the foundation for cross-platform component-based development. The library culminates in the implementation of several standard containers that take advantage of the features of the rest of BSL. Some of the highlights of BSL include:

The BDE Development Library (BDL)

BDL is under active development, and will eventually contain a wide range of facilities needed for common development tasks. For example, date and time types, specialized containers, thread pools, event schedulers, and file system utilities. The current highlights of BDL include:

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