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DynaMix - A New Take on Polymorphism in C++

DynaMix [ˈdainəˌmiks] (Dynamic Mixins) is a library that allows composition and modification of polymorphic types at run time.

The library is a means to create a project's architecture rather than achieve its purpose. It focuses on maximum performance and minimal memory overhead.

DynaMix is great for the software architecture of systems with very complex objects including, but not limited to:

The library uses the type dynamix::object as a placeholder, whose instances can be extended with existing classes (mixins), thus providing a particular instance with the functionality of all those types. Accessing the newly formed type's interface is made through messages – stand-alone functions generated by the library, which can be thought of as methods.

Here is a small example of what your code may look like if you use the library:

    // assuming my_objects.get_ally(0); is a way to get an ally to the
    // main character in a game

    dynamix::object& obj = my_objects.get_ally(0);

    // now let's make the object think some positive thoughts about the
    // main character

    think(obj); // C++ doesn't allow us to have obj.think()
                // DynaMix's messages are standalone functions

    // type composition

    // object can now respond to fly()

    fly(obj); // ...instead of

    // type mutation

    think(obj); // the same object now thinks negative thoughts about the main
                // character, since it's no longer an ally, but an enemy

Key features of the library:

Licensing : MIT

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