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Unicomm - Unified Communication Protocol - High-level asyncronous framework for TCP based nework application creation

Unicomm is a free open source multiplatform C++ framework that allows to create application level protocols over TCP transport. There are different rules can be applied to support communication logic. The main purpose is to focus on business logic and make communication process transparent to user. Unicomm simplifies connection management like accepting incoming connections and handling disconnects. It provides an easy way to associate data with the connection. Thus unicomm is the engine provides flexible mechanisms to construct custom logic protocols. Predefined xml and binary formats are also provided as option. Unicomm provides modularity and clear design of the application. Protocols implemented by using unicomm are flexible to changes and easily modifiable. Unicomm supports SSL, itís lightweight and provides hundreds of concurrent connections processing (without considering business logic level as if unicomm handlers would be empty) on decent hardware.

Unicomm is based on boost , stl and compiled with msvc 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, gcc 4.2. It is supplied with Boost.Build scripts and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 project files. Unicomm is tested under Windows and Ubuntu Linux.

Licensing : Boost

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