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Dinkum Compleat Library - Standard C++, C99, and Embedded C++

The Dinkum Compleat Library combines our popular C/C++ libraries in one highly portable and flexible package. You get: -- the Dinkum C++ Library, the only library that fully conforms to ISO 14882:1998, as corrected through 2003, including support for export templates -- the Dinkum C99 Library, conforming to ISO 9899:1998, as corrected through 2003, even on compilers that don't fully support C99 -- C++ library TR1, the only complete implementation of C++ TR19768 -- the libraries mandated by all other C and C++ TRs, including C TR18037 (fixed-point arithmetic for DSPs) and C TR19768 (UTF-16 and UTF-32 data types) -- the Dinkum EC++ Library, the only add-on library that conforms to the EC++ Technical Committee specification -- the Dinkum Abridged Library, which combines EC++ with the STL portion of our C++ library -- a portable multithreading library compatible with boost.threads in C++ and with Posix pthreads in C -- a number of memory allocators for STL node-based containers, offering a variety of memory-management strategies and multithreading options -- dozens of conversions between Unicode and popular multibyte character encodings, including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean large character sets -- common extensions to the Standard C and C++ libraries to simplify adapting code written for Linux, Unix, Windows, and pre-standard dialects -- dozens of C locales to adapt to all major American and European cultures The library can be built from source code for use with a native C library, with ``safe iterator'' debugging enabled, and with exceptions disabled. It has been tested extensively on most popular compilers. It is available in both source, with ongoing support, and binary packages, for all current versions of Microsoft VC++, eVC++, and GCC. Each package includes online references in HTML. You can browse the references, and compile test programs against the library, at our web site. Compilers Current versions of Microsoft VC++ and eVC++ (V6 through V8) Current versions of GCC (V3.x and V4.x) Compilers with Edison Design Group front end

Licensing : Commercial

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