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C++ Sockets Library - Unix / Windows Socket programming made easy

When making this library, there were a few things I wanted to achieve. I did not want to end up with C++ code that had to be used in the same way as the berkeley socket C API are being used ( connect/bind/accept - check result, write - check result, read - check result, etc, etc ). Another thing was the ability to manage multiple sockets in the same thread; the library should be singlethreaded - but not limited to one thread. So.. I never wanted to manage a fd_set for a select() call ever again, no more writing code for accepting a connection - this has already been done again and again in every single networking project ever made.

One decision made early on was to treat one socket as one object. And so was the Socket class born. The socket class, by itself, has all the functions needed for address translation (hostname to ip, ip to hostname etc). It owns the file descriptor / SOCKET handle. But it can't do anything. Code for actually doing something with the socket is implemented in other, Socket derived classes.

Licensing : GNU copyleft

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