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UVS - C++ library dealing with univariate statistics

The scope of the library is univariate (single variable) statistics. In particular, the following statistical operations are supported:

Although UVS certainly does not provide a completely comprehensive treatment of these topics, facilities are provided to extend the library by coding additional classes or functions yourself.

Two types of random variable are supported: discrete (integer type) for statistics derived from counting, and continuous (floating point type) for all others.

The intended user is an application developer.

Although the code has been extensively tested, a realistic appraisal of its readiness is "alpha".

UVS was written with Visual C++ 6.0. Since that is the only compiler the author owns, no other platforms or compilers are currently supported.

All UVS symbols are in the "uvs" namespace.

UVS functions do not throw exceptions. If an argument value which calls for an infinite result is detected the function returns std::numeric_limits<double>::max().

UVS uses the Cephes library. The required components from this library are included with the distribution of UVS.

UVS is free. Full source code is provided.

Licensing : Freeware

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