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PNGwriter - A C++ class allowing easy plotting to (and reading from) PNG images

This class, which requires libpng, allows you to plot to a 16-bit PNG file, saving it directly to disk. Plotting is as easy as specifying the red, green, blue values and the x, y coordinates of the pixel.

It includes functions for plotting simple geometric shapes (circle, rect, line), reading the colour of a pixel, reading in a whole PNG file (great for image analysis), plotting and reading in HSV colourspace and many others that might come in handy.

This class has proven tremendously useful for my own scientific simulation needs, and I would like others to benefit from its use as well.

It is available in both english and spanish, and is complemented by a PDF manual and a website with examples, a forum, and so on.

I have only tested it on Mac OS X and Debian Linux, but I don't see why it shouldn't compile on anything that has libpng.

Licensing : GNU copyleft

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