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CodeBase Database Engine for C/C++ Developers - Develop powerful client/server or standalone database driven applications.

CodeBase is a high-performance database engine designed for developers who need maximum speed in their applications. Features include multi-user file compatibility with FoxPro, dBASE and Clipper file formats, Client/server support allowing database access over networks ranging from small LANs to the Internet, and adding security with account privileges.

CodeBase comes with full source code and provides royalty-free distribution. Support is also available for Java, SQL, OLE DB/ADO and ODBC. CodeBase also supports most development environments including C, C++, Visual Basic, Kylix, Delphi, and runs on most operating systems.

At the heart of our award-winning database engine is a library of well-tested, highly optimized routines. CodeBase has been around since 1984 so not only do you get a proven, stable product, but also experienced and knowledgeable technical support as well.

Licensing : Commercial

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