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APE - Portable C++ threading and sockets framework

APE is the "APE Portable Environment" and class libraries for writing portable threaded servers in C++, under UNIX (pthread) and Win32 API's. APE provides portable class abstraction for threads and sockets, and is used as a base framework for other projects. The goal of APE is to make writing threaded servers in C++ both practical and convenient, even for small and simple projects, and hence simplicity and low runtime overhead are design goals.

The 1.0.0 release of APE is available at with both source and pre-built binary packages. APE has been used not only in server applications, but also in conjunction with client class frameworks, such as QT/KDE, to offer threading and socket services. APE is licensed under the GPL with additional priviledges as annoted in the source under terms similar to Guile.

As of March 14th, 2000, the APE project was merged with the Common C++ project to form the newly introduced Common C++ portable application framework.

Licensing : GNU copyleft

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