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EO - Evolutionary computation library

EO (Evolvable|Evolutionary objects) is a C++ toolbox for evolutionary computation which defines interfaces for many classes of algorithms used in evolutionary computation, and, at the same time, provides some examples that use those interfaces. The client/user can include those objects in his or her programs, or create their own. If new objects are created, the GeNeura team commit themselves to test them, and make them available to the Evolutionary Computation community. In this way, no changes have to be made to the library design or to a program that implements an EC algorithm: just new classes added. Our intention would be that, in the future, somebody implementing an EC algorithm would say "I am using EO, plus a class that hs been made publicly available", improving repeatability of EC results and easing its availability.

It contains classes for any kind of evolutionary computation you might come up to, except maybe genetic programming. Here are its features


New releases are made almost every day. Check at the site. Probably, cvs access will be provided in the future.

Licensing : Copyrighted freeware

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