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Matrix11 - C++ matrix template class library (source)

This matrix template class can be used to perform common matrix operations in your C++ program like any other built-in data types. Though I have written this class in compliance with ANSI/ISO C++ standard, you may encounter some compilation problem, particularly with older version of compilers, because all standard features of namespace, exception and template may not be fully supported in your compiler. In that case you may just want to disable any or all the above features by defining the appropriate macros. I have included full source code as inline functions in the header file so you can modify it if necessary.

The implementation is not optimized for performance and memory usage. So it is not suitable for large and sparse matrices. But for small and medium size matrices these should not be a problem, keeping in mind the present generation of powerful computers.

Special requirements: An up-to-date C++ compiler.

Changes: Some conditional compilation code has been added for different compilers.

Licensing : GNU copyleft

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