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C++ Toolkit - ANSI/ISO compliant cross-platform toolkit

C++ Toolkit is an ANSI/ISO compliant cross-platform toolkit that includes:

Database Toolkit

The C++ Database Toolkit is a full object-oriented, cross-platform C++ solution for programmatic access to a wide range of ODBC-compliant databases. The C++ Database Toolkit is comprised of a client and server. The server makes use of the native operating system's ODBC environment to respond to the requests of various database clients. The client exposes APIs to database applications that are then portable to a wide variety of platforms.

STL Toolkit

STL Toolkit is a portable, high-performance implementation of the most useful portions of the ANSI/ISO Standard C++ Library. The STL Toolkit offers the following:

ETL Toolkit

ETL Toolkit contains a unique set of collections packaged to enhance the STL. It includes Sorted Vector, Dynamic Array, Hash Table, Heap as well as List, Stack, Queue, and Set structures.

Foundations Toolkit

The Foundations Toolkit consists of three class libraries: Thread, Helper, and Time. You can install and use any combination of these three libraries independent from one another provided you have some version of the ANSI/ISO C++ Standard Library.

Communications Toolkit

Web Toolkit

The Web Toolkit is an ANSI/ISO-compatible C++ library that contains classes for dynamically building HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) Web pages. Using the Web Toolkit, you can write Web page logic and structure using C++ objects and existing C++ interfaces without learning HTML. If you do not use a tool like the Web Toolkit when creating an application that builds Web pages, you must manually insert HTML into your code. This is not only cumbersome and error-prone, but requires that you learn HTML syntax.

The Web Toolkit provides the following important benefits:

Math Toolkit

The Math Toolkit is a C++ class library for writing portable, computing intensive applications. These advanced C++ objects allow you to build scientific-computing applications while focusing on your domain rather than the efficiency of the mathematical operations. If performance is your goal, the Math Toolkit is your solution.

Our Math Toolkit classes are:

Licensing : Commercial

Comment from : watch the green hornet online on 2011-01-06

Hello there, Thanks for sharing this link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source? Thanks, Peter

Comment from : Nikki Locke on 2011-02-07

I followed the original link, waited until it redirected to their home page, typed the name of the toolkit into the search box on the home page, and arrived at the new link (which I've now corrected above). You could easily have done the same!

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