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CalcPlus - Interpreter of procedural language

The CalcPlus library is the C++ class library which provides an ability to use your own programming language built into C++ project. Any algorithm or any constant needed by application can be carried out into the special file, when process comes to the key point, it calls function or procedure stored in the text file. Interpreter runs the function and process returns back to C++ code. Library contains the interpreter which understands simple nameless procedural language. Bi-directional communication between C++ and the code for interpreter available.

Version of the language that comes with the library allows to use functions, procedures, blocks, preprocessor, global and local variables and constants, if/for/while statements. Each variable can have value of type: nil, bool, long, float, string, date. Type definitions and arrays are allowed. Functions and procedures may be recursive. New functions written in C++ may be easily added to the language. Syntax of the language can be modified by changing YACC rules. Interpreter is fast enough and may be helpful for many tasks.

Platform independent, YACC required.

Licensing : Shareware

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