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MATCOM - Matlab to C++ translator and matrix library

MATCOM V2 translates Matlab source files (M-Files) to C++ source code. The resulting code is linked with the supplied C++ Matrix class library to create MEX files or stand alone executables.

The C++ code and library can be integrated in products, royalty free, saving the need to translate the algorithm prototype.

Compiled code runs significantly faster than the original interpreted source.

Source code created highly resembles the original code using C++ language features. The compilation is fully automated by a smart project manager.

Matrices of doubles, floats, ints and chars are supported, providing lower memory usage for many applications, especially Signal and Image Processing.

Evaluation version (fully functional, 30 days limited) is available for free download from the Web page. Information packet is also available by e-mail and fax.

An introductory price for MATCOM V2 is 300$ for a single user license, with discounts on quantity and for academic institutes. Prices are valid until Jan 1, 1997.

Licensing : Commercial

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