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ILOG SERVER - C++ object server implementing real-time groupware applications

ILOG SERVER is a C++ library and preprocessor for building reactive servers of C++ objects. It offers a client-independent external abstraction of the data, which ensures the coherence of the shared objects. Each client: - has its own API (Application Programming Interface) - only has to be concerned with the objects it manipulates - does not have to worry about other clients sharing the same objects

ILOG SERVER is an extension of the SmallTalk Model View Controller (MVC) architecture to manipulate custom C++ objects instead of fundamental data types. Developers describe object models by annotating their header files using about 15 predefined keywords. Once the header files have been annotated, ILOG SERVER's C++ preprocessor automatically generates the appropriate C++ code.

By extending the notion of a C++ pointer as a data member, ILOG SERVER makes it possible to easily build relationships with cardinalities between C++ classes that will automatically be maintained. This extension to C++ supports inheritance and relationships based on smart pointers.

Cost: $5,000 per Unix-based development license. Preferred university rates available upon request. Demonstration CD-ROM available

Licensing : Commercial

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