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ILOG VIEWS - C++ library and editor to design Very Graphical User Interfaces

ILOG VIEWS 2 high-level C++ class library is fully extensible and portable across Windows, OS/2, and Unix platforms.

It includes:

The development of portable VGUI applications is accelerated through ILOG PowerEdit, an extensible VGUI builder that generates standard C++ code. PowerEdit reusable components are provided with ILOG VIEWS 2 so that developers can create and distribute their own custom editors.

ILOG VIEWS 2 Dynamic Variable mechanism offer an interpretor for writing C formulae between variables to control the attributes of objects. This allows for code-free animation and control of graphics objects.

ILOG VIEWS 2 provides a message translation mechanism so that messages used in the interfaces may be translated dynamically. The look and feel of ILOG VIEWS 2 applications can be changed dynamically from Motif to Windows on all platforms.

ILOG BUILDER: is a GUI builder that generates OSF/Motif interfaces in C and C++. It offers UIL read/write capabilities and tight integration with ILOG VIEWS.

Licensing : Commercial

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