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This is a C UI library, but it's written in an object-oriented style and is type safe for C++ use. The package includes a WYSIWYG GUI builder.

The tools are, reportedly, pretty full-featured. User-interface items have extensive abstraction (for example, they have a confirmation-type dialog that resolves to a push-pin and 'apply' button under openlook, but 'ok', 'apply', 'cancel' buttons under motif). Objects can be positioned relative to each other (rather than merely absolute position on the screen). Also, errors are handled with an abstract exception handling framework. They support internationalization of fonts (at least Japanese), money, and data formatting.

Some extra-cool features include memory leak detection and C-language objects for text (multi-styled, multi-font text with embedded graphics), list (spreadsheet-like for handling up to 2^31 x 2^31 cells with customizable displays), and graphics processing.

Licensing : Commercial

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