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fACTs++ Class Library - Financial Application Construction Tools in C++

A homogeneous tool-box of more than 300 C++ classes and templates. fACTs++ provides programmers with design patterns for distributed client-server applications supporting multi-currency securities and transactions, along with associated international conventions. The library includes a complete set of foundation classes, parallel processing and communication classes, extendible financial instrument hierarchy and financial modeling classes.

fACTs++ features include:

fACTs++ is available, on a per-project basis, as part of Objective Edge's custom software engineering service. The company's training program allows clients to quickly "ramp-up" their object-oriented development projects, providing early, visible results while reducing development costs. Upon project completion, clients are left with a technology base and application architecture which they are able to leverage in future development activities.

fACTs++ is currently supported on Solaris 2.X and x86, and may be ported to any POSIX compliant platform on a custom development basis.

fACTs++ is a trademarks of Objective Edge Inc. Copyright(c) 1994, 1995 Objective Edge Inc. All rights Reserved.

Licensing : Commercial

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