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C++ Data Object Library - Data structures combined with automatic persistence

C++ Data Object Library has a wide variety of data structures combined with automatic persistence (storage to disk). In many applications, using the library is like building your own OO database. The emphasis is on high performance and protection against allocation and pointer errors. The library can help practically any C++ project, but is especially useful for large and complex software projects designs such as VLSI CAD.

Uses a code generator. Data relations are represented as objects. Protection against pointer errors is achieved by using rings instead of NULL ending lists. Smart iterators permit to delete objects while travering lists. Several methods of storing data to disk, including memory blasting (storing entire pages of memory). Portable programs and data, schema migration. Data organizations: lists, collections, aggregates, trees, graphs, dynamic arrays, hash tables, pointer links, reference counting, many-to-many relation, dynamic properties (like in LISP), virtual (disk access is if a large array), run-time access to type tables.

The library is build on ideas described in "Taming C++: Pattern Classes and Persistence for Large Projects", by Jiri Soukup, Addison-Wesley 1994. Sells in full source, and runs with all major compilers. A C version with similar features but with a less elegant interface is also available.

No licence restrictions and no marketing tricks. You can ship the source of the library with your programs, except for the code generator. A complete regression test, documentation and support comes with the basic price. We are one of the oldest class libraries in business, and we stand behind our software. Prices in US$: $299 DOS,WINDOWS, or MAC $599 UNIX workstations Postage included in North America, $25 for overseas.

Licensing : Commercial

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